Day 137: Create a Supporter Facebook Page

Really simple one.

So The YP Collective is a Limited Company. We have our own Youtube (do subscribe) and Twitter (come follow us) account. We also have a website. I’ve learn how to create another logo using photoshop and I have #2014dailychallenge to thank for getting so much done. Seriously, if procrastinating was a sport, I’d be at the Olympics winning gold.

Now we have a Facebook Page! Please do give us a like and a share!

It’s really flippin hard putting yourself out there. Do you know what’s harder? Putting something you’ve created, loved, feel so passionate about and want to essentially dedicate a lot of your life to; out there. If someone’s mean, or disinterested, it’s like saying my baby’s ugly. You’re sitting there thinking, “well can you at least pretend it’s pretty!”

Only thing is, with babies, ugliness is rare and unless you’re completely idiotic you wouldn’t say they were even if they actually were!

With businesses, creativity, projects, etc etc it’s different. Everyone can stick their oar in and you have to take it on and not cry like the aforementioned babies.

So it’s hard!

Anyway, enough waffle.

Screen Shot 2014-06-18 at 23.30.15

Screen Shot 2014-06-18 at 23.30.25

If you would be so kind as to give us a like, say hi and share some fun, interesting, inspirational or informational tidbits then please do!



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